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How The Weather Affects Your Phone

By June 13, 2019 No Comments
Phone in Snow

Winter is now upon us here in New Zealand, and your body is not the only one dealing with the negative side effects that comes with the cooler temperatures. Sounds odd, but believe it or not, the cold weather may too be affecting another important item that is present within your everyday life… your phone! However, it is not just the cooler temperatures that may affect your phone, the warmer temperatures too can have a negative effect on the functionality of your phone.

Phones are designed to operate efficiently between the temperatures of 0 and 35 degrees Celsius (32 to 95 degrees F) but can be stored at any temperature between -20 and 45 degrees Celsius (-4 to 113 F). As the temperature drops or rises dramatically, there are a few negative side effects that you may start to notice with your phone.


Battery Life

Cool Temperatures

Your phone battery generates an electric current by connecting a positive terminal with a negative one, which as a result, causes a chemical reaction to take place which produces the electrons to charge the phone battery. However, in colder temperatures, these chemical reactions slow down, which as a result, causes the battery to reach a point where it cannot deliver enough currents and will stop working. Once it is warmed up again, it will begin to work as per usual.


Hot Temperatures

A similar effect occurs in the opposite situation when the weather is too hot and the phone overheats (however this scenario can cause more long term risks to the phone). When a phone is left in the sun or is subjected to quite severe hot temperatures (above 40 degrees Celsius), your phone may start to suffer internally. It can cause data loss, chew up your battery data or even permanently slow down your phone.


Touch Screen Issues

Phones with a LCD display are more sensitive to severe weather changes. You may start to notice that when the weather is either very cold or very hot, your phone reacts a lot slower than usual when using the touch screen. Worst case scenario, you may experience your phone start to lag and freeze which can be very frustrating! To overcome this issue, turn your phone off and try and bring your phone back to a neutral temperature.


Cell Reception

If you live within a metropolitan area, you will most likely will not experience any severe drops in cell reception (unless there is a thunderstorm with lightning, which is always a possibility). However, it is possible that certain types of weather can impact the quality of your phone reception.


Rain can weaken the signal strength, which as a result, will mean that you may experience a drop in your reception. Next time it is raining, take notice of the size of the rain drops and your phone reception, as the larger the drops, the worse your cell reception may be.


You should be mindful when using your phone during a lightning storm (especially when outdoors). The lightning strike can also create an electrical interference with any of the power sources (such as phone towers) which will result in a loss of reception.


Due to the density of fog, it may impact your cell reception. It is all dependent on the frequency range that your phone uses and the thickness of the fog.


Generally, snow won’t be too much of an issue unless you are experiencing a heavy snow fall. Heavy snow falls may interfere with the radio waves which will reduce your phones signal strength.


When you start to notice any harsh weather changes, be mindful of where you are leaving your phone. An example of this is to never leave your phone in a car during extreme weather as the temperature tends to be more severe in that isolated setting. If you experience any of these side effects to your phone, the safest and easiest way to control the situation is to turn your phone off to prevent any further serious damage.


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