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The Rumor Mill is Churning on the new iPhone 6C

By November 17, 2015 No Comments

With the 6 and 6 Plus getting as big on the screens as they’ve gotten, you must be pretty used to the idea of a large screen for your Netflixing and Youtube-ing. The trends have varied so quickly in the last decade, going from tiny Motorola flip phones like the Crazr, now back to the Samsung Edge+’s and Apple iPhone 6+’s of today.

But now, with the rumor mill churning faster now than even a month ago on the proposed iPhone 6c, a phone that’s been proposed to have a 4-inch screen, how many people will the be able to service? We’re all so used to the idea of bigger and better with our phones at this point, and with the necessity of having larger screen to be more (or less) productive on them that it seems odd for Apple to be flipping the field back towards the smaller, more compact device.

But this is all coming fromus, steeped in the trends of today. There will definitely be a market for small phones for a long time, and we can only speculate how impressive or disappointing this release would be. Is it going to have to move back to a slower processor to account for the size? How about the actual storage space? What are we going to see in terms of camera quality and sound quality from the phone?

This iPhone 6c has the potential to be a big boom or bust for Apple, so let’s see what happens with more specs on the new model being shoved into the social media ring every week.

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