FotoSwipe: Your Last Photo-Sharing App

There’s approximately 731,234,832,990,203 media sharing apps on the market for photo and video sharing, messaging, and calling (yeah, nah, that’s not accurate approximation for you fact-checkers out there). Amongst all of those options, you and your friends have probably already picked a platform to share your selfies and memes amongst each other as a group. But, the thing is, why not use a premium, high-performing app for each thing you want to share?

FotoSwipe makes sharing your photos and videos with your friends quick and easy. It goes across platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, et al) so none of your friends are left out of the loop. All you need is an internet connection and location services to be turned on so you can send photos to your other friends who have the app. It’s high quality sharing and fast as hell, no matter what kind of connection you have. It’s fantastic!

You can even swipe those pictures and videos directly onto their phone. It’s the future, but like…now. It makes it super easy and incredibly fast for your friends to see what you’re up to. It’s almost like your friends get to go along for the ride in your front pocket (or back pocket, or front pocket, or fanny pack, wherever you keep your device).

And yeah, you’ve got Snapchat, What’s App, Facebook, and the slowly dying Viber at your disposal. What do you need the last three for on the media sharing side when you have this app downloaded to focus one particular service for your phone? In this writer’s opinion, it’s better to be running at optimal speed and quality for all of your needs with a couple of apps than have mediocre quality and speed with one.

Download it, rip it, steal it, WHATEVER you need to do to get this app, get it. Because it’s about to make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to sharing all of those memories with your friends and family.

Rating: 9/10.

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