Build your pizza...on a tablet table?

The future of pizza is here!

In the video below, a concept has been developed to create interactive pizza-building technology (that sounded like music to my ears) to make ordering and eating at a Pizza Hut restaurant that much more fun and quick!

You can see in the video that you can decide on size, sauces, crusts, and toppings, all with the touch of your fingers on the table you sit at. The entire table top is an interactive screen that responds to touch, and to your phone, making it easy to pay for your meal as well!

I’ll tell you, I would be all over that. How cool would it be to not have to talk to pizza waiters anymore? Who needs social interaction when you can PLAY GAMES ON THE TABLE WHILE YOU WAIT???

Almost a decade back, Microsoft almost released a version of this table technology called the Surface (this is before they decided to use that name on their little tablets). You could eat and drink on the table, and the LCD and glass would open USB files and access phone storage and payment methods just by putting them on the table itself.

So this technology, now probably closer to being real and efficient than ten years ago, would be used in restaurants and even retail stores in the near future to increase profitability and (let’s be honest) a fun gimmick to bring in customers and make buying, shopping, and having the munchies a lot easier to satisfy than ever before.Let’s hope it becomes a reality!

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