5 Handy Apps That You Didn't Know Existed!

No, no, I’m not talking about wandering the streets at night trying to find that pesky Pokemon that just appeared on your radar. Unfortunately, life isn’t all about fun and games, but these 5 free apps can help you minimise the strife and stress of mundane tasks and daily responsibilities that will leave you with more time to catch em’ all!


Now here is an app that is going to help save you a lot of road-induced rage on your daily commute. Waze is an app that lets users work together to reach a common goal that is getting from A to B and back again, minus the hassle we all know and hate. Waze can help you nimbly navigate all alleys and avenues, and avoid all types of annoyances whether it be roadworks, traffic, or even police traps!

Waze works off of the co-operation of your fellow drivers by creating a community that warns and notifies others of the afore mentioned inconveniences of the road. When you’re headed out, you punch in your destination and that allows you to passively contribute traffic and road data as you drive. You can also take on a more intensive role, updating others on different obstacles that are littering the streets.</p> No longer do other drivers have to be your enemies when you’re out and about. With Waze, drivers can be united and spend more time hating pedestrians and cyclists.


This little app is for all of you slow texters as well as those with a small phone or big thumbs… or both! SwiftKey is a useful tool that replaces that shoddy autocorrect system (amongst other things) that most of our phones have and helps to relieve us of the embarrassing blunders that come with it. SwiftKey employs a blend of artificial intelligence that lets the app get to know you and the way you type allowing it to cater to your preferences.

This isn’t the only way SwiftKey is going to help you send your texts faster though. The app includes the feature of swipe texting so you can swipe from letter to letter instead of tap - I’m sure we all know a few annoying people who leave the tapping tone on their phones who could use this!

SwiftKey has a host of other features including a range of colourful keyboards and the ability to seamlessly switch between a small selection of different languages, making it pretty much the best third party keyboard out there at the moment.


Wunderlist is an awesome app that helps you keep on top of your tasks whether it is an essay that is due in, buying your groceries or just meeting up with a friend. This is a super useful app for those people who have trouble keeping a mental note of everything (like me). In this day and age when you’re rarely separated from your phone, it is very handy to have an organised list of everything you need to be doing in your mobile. A useful feature of this app is the ability to set due dates on list items and schedule a reminder for yourself in case you forget. This is a simple, sleek solution to your organisational needs; with Wunderlist, you won’t ever miss another deadline! Just make sure you include “Make a to-do list” on your to-do list!


Mint is a great app for those of us who like to swipe our eftpos cards here and there without giving it a second thought (guilty). Mint is a money managing app that helps you keep track of your expenditure (I know, it’s scary to think about) and budget yourself.

It gathers all your financial information and presents it in a straight forward, easy to understand form. It works in real time too. As you spend, it will automatically update and categorise all relevant information. With all the number crunching that Mint does behind the scenes, it can help you learn where you can save money and make it much easier to budget.

It’s easy to carelessly spend when your momentary lapses of will (we are only human) aren’t boldly outlined by a big red bar, but Mint will let you keep track of your spending across the board and help you spend wisely and responsibly.


RefME is the app for the students and academics out there. This is an app that will take the worst part of writing any form of academic writing - the bibliography - and streamlines it through this easy to use tool. The aptly self-named “citation automation revelation” offers a platform for you to gather your research material on and in doing so, manage all your references. It supports 7500+ referencing styles and offers the option to “cite as you write” or to simply download your bibliography separately. No more restless nights spent in turmoil over whether the comma goes here or there, or whether you were meant to include the original publication date or not. RefME is going to take the headache out of referencing. As for the essay itself? Well you’re on your own on that one.

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