Android Nougat: The Sweetest Smartphone OS Yet?

If you’re an Android user - that accounts for around 70% of smartphone users nowadays - then you’re in for some good news; Android Nougat (I thought it should have been Neapolitan) started rolling out yesterday on Nexus devices. If you want to get your hands sticky with Nougat, you’ll have to get yourself a Nexus device as that is where you can find it first. If that isn’t going to happen for you, you’re going to be in for at least a few months wait. Depending on your phone’s manufacturer, you could be looking at from anywhere between 2-6 months for the update (I know, it sucks).

Whether you’re an iOS user or just aren’t bothered by the wait for the upgrade, Nougat is still something to be excited about. In a highly competitive market such as smartphones, firms are quick to pick up on fancy new features that their competitors introduce, and all for our benefit. You might be asking: What can Nougat do that makes it so great? To answer that, I’d point you in the direction of the host of new features that are included in the the new OS. There are 250 major features in Nougat but I just want to highlight the ~tastiest yummiest juiciest~ most exciting ones.

Nougaty Goodness

Nougat is a highly developed OS that is quintessential in showing that Google is at the top of their smartphone game. If you’ve had an android since at least the release of Cupcake, then you’ve been part of Google’s data collecting scheme. With the wealth of information about what we want in a smartphone in Google’s hands, Nougat is to prove that Google is headed down the right road and taking us with them.

Look! They even added a kiwifruit emoji!

Nougat promises to make our phones more personalised, much like they have since the very beginning (home screen customisation, right?). The latest OS is bringing with it a plethora of new emojis - 72 to be exact - which will have bacon and avocado lovers (not both together, unless you’re that way inclined) rejoicing with their addition to our emoji arsenal. The best part of this upgrade to our emoji-game is the ditching of those little yellow… things? Those fluent in emoji will now have real people emojis to work with.

Nowadays, speed is ever important and with the ability to reply straight from your notifications, you’re gonna have some more of it. Nougat lets you reply to a message straight from the notification without even opening the app. If you’re second guessing this, don’t worry, it has been promised that this feature will apply to all messaging apps - not just Google’s messenger.

Two words: multi-window. That’s right, Nougat is bringing with is the enhanced ability to multitask, allowing you to use two apps at once! What immediately springs to mind for me is the YouTube app. It frustrated me to no end, that if I was playing something off YouTube on my phone, I couldn’t do anything else without pausing the video. This is a godsend! I’m sure that everyone will have different ways to make use of this and that makes it a great addition to Nougat. Combining the theme of speed and multitasking, it is worth noting how app-switching has changed. Just by double tapping the square button, you instantly switch to the last app you were using.

This new feature, although not available upon initial release, is sure to excite a lot of people. I of course am alluding to Daydream VR (that’s virtual reality). Like I said, it isn’t readily available but headsets and controllers have been promised by Google to be coming later in the year, and boy am I excited. Virtual reality is relatively new to most people and it was definitely something I dreamed of as a kid. With Nougat providing this feature, using VR will be the easier than ever.

To Wrap It Up…

(Get it? Because it’s confectionary… No? Okay.) Nougat is showing us that Google has their head in the right space when it comes to their Android OS but by no means does this mean that you should toss your iPhone aside nor does it make Androids perfect. Apple is sure to catch up with the game. This isn’t to say that either company should get wild with trying to be new and inventive, our smartphones are being steadily upgraded upon already great operating systems. For me, Nougat provides a great balance between new features such as the multi-window and VR, and simple upgrades, such as improved battery efficiency and quick settings control.  In terms of the future, who knows whats to come next… Android Oreo perhaps?

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