Apple & Architecture

Apple has always understood aesthetics and the value of an organic sense. Their stores are an amalgamation between old architecture and the ultra-modern.

Cobblestone fused with steel, nature meets glass. The stores illustrate both the simplicity of the brand and its stylised tastes — each destination pushes design boundaries.

Our top 5 Apple Store locations:

Netherlands, Amsterdam

Taking on a life of its own inside the historic Hirsch building, this Apple store combines steel and glass while still keeping elements of the old structural bones.

Apple, Amsterdam

The store’s open plan is achieved with an atrium, stretching from the ground up to the skylight capped ceiling. The airy concept can brighten up the dullest Dutch day.

Apple, Amsterdam

San Francisco, USA

This new Union Square store, another Foster design, goes green — potted trees (whose bases double as leather seats) and walls of glass showcase the store’s scale.

Apple, San Francisco

A wall cleaves the second floor balcony in half and functions as a colossal video screen (something your local electronics store may not stock).

Apple, San Francisco

Shanghai, China

Not wanting to be outshone, a glass cylinder exhibits a floating Apple emblem, marking the entrance to this store’s expansive lower level.

Apple, Shanghai

The circular sunken courtyard adds to the city’s futuristic ’hustle and bustle’ atmosphere, taking this design to a new dimension.

Apple, Shanghai

New York City, USA

It’s simple, it’s incredibly effective, it’s everything Apple aims to embody. The glass cube, designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, is self-supporting and rests above the brand’s Fifth Avenue store.

Apple, NYC

The decent under ground level is via a glass cylindrical elevator, enclosed by a spiralling staircase (beyond smooth, right?). Natural light floods in from the cube and illuminates the space, giving it an ethereal quality. At night, the cube is lit.

Istanbul, Turkey

Keeping in theme with ‘tumbling down the rabbit hole’, this Foster minimalist design emulates a closed Macbook from above and a lantern from street-view.

Apple, Istanbul

The architectural firm at the helm of this project are also the minds behind Apple’s spaceship campus in Cupertino (expected to be completed in 2017).

Apple, Istanbul

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