Snag a job at Maccas with Snapchat

‘Snaplications’ are the latest entry to the snapchat universe. McDonalds, the golden archway young people pass through into the realm of employment, has collaborated with Snapchat to launch the new job application programme in Australia.


Does it work? Well the idea is to make the initial interview process fast paced and fun for applicants. A ‘snapshot’ in 10 seconds of what they could bring to the role. Charisma and a lasting first impression! A unique filter has been designed especially for the marketing stunt, featuring a McDonalds uniform and name tag. Maybe it will hang around for as long as the dog ears have if proven successful! Interviews via screens can only become more prevalent in the age of technology. Perhaps other global brands will seek out Snapchat to create new and innovative ways of driving their businesses.

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