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Phone Battery: how can you get the most out of it?

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Given the fact that it is 2019 and most of us are not spared 5 minutes without our mobile devices, it is time to have an important discussion that is bound to frustrate most avid mobile phone users: the battery life. How many of us become conscious of our mobile phone usage throughout the day when we are without a phone charger, to minimise the risk of being left with a lifeless phone? It can be quite the panic some days, which saddens us to admit. Discover these following factors which may be negatively impacting your battery life and learn how to wave goodbye to that low battery panic forever!


How to get the most out of your phone battery?

Low-Power Mode

Quite the obvious tip, but nonetheless still beneficial. Considered as still a relatively recent addition, low power mode is great when your battery is on the decline and you will not have access to a phone charger any time soon. How it works is that it temporarily reduces background activity (such as downloads and mail fetch) until you are able to recharge your phone again. Once your phone reaches 80% of charge, it will automatically turn off. 


Turn off ‘Raise to wake’ 

No matter which model of iPhone you have, they all have the ‘Raise to Wake’ function enabled (iOS 10.3 or later) which potentially could be contributing to your declining battery. Have you noticed when you pick your phone up or perhaps if you are walking and your phone screen lights up? Well this is what this function is responsible for. Whenever your phone is raised, essentially it ‘wakes’ up the phone, therefore to do so, this chews up battery space. 


Update Apps

If you fail to update your apps as soon as there are new versions (hence why we suggest to turn on ‘automatically update’), you may be running a slower version which as a result will chew up your battery life. What happens is that when Apple releases a new iOS update, it takes some time for app developers to mimic those changes within their apps. So whenever there are new app updates to be implemented, it generally means that there are faster, smoother versions which as a result may benefit your battery life.


Restart your iPhone

Be real with yourself here, how often do you turn off your phone? Many of us don’t, generally because our phones are our alarm clocks throughout the night or perhaps you leave them turned on incase of an emergency? Either way the key message that we are trying to send across is that it may have been months since you last turned off your phone and given it a good refresh. We all need to ‘turn off’ each day and reset for the next day, so why wouldn’t our phones be any different? Although this may not dramatically impact the health of your iPhone battery, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to try. 


Turn off background refresh

Background app refresh automatically checks for new content and updates regardless of the fact of whether they are being used or not. Although this is convenient, it often is responsible for draining battery space as it is constantly refreshing. Avoid this by simply turning it off in settings.


Change your iPhone’s location services

Location Services is another area which could be draining your battery life. Majority of the apps that are downloaded on your phone want to use location services, however why would they need to know your location when you are not actively using the app? Go into settings and change the location from ‘Always’ to either ‘While Using the App’, ‘Ask Next Time’ or ‘Never’. 


Leave your iPhone facing down

Each time you receive a notification your phone screen lights up when your phone is facing upwards. If you are one to receive a substantial amount of notifications throughout the day, that is a lot of battery power being used to light up your phone. Avoid this by simply placing your phone facing down, as by doing so, it fails to light up. Not only that but it encourages you to only check your phone a handful of times rather than check it with each notification which in itself uses a lot of power.  


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