How to reduce iPhone data usage

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iPhone data usage

Do you find that you are hitting your maximum data limit before the month’s end? Not only is it incredibly frustrating due to the amount of money most of us are paying for our monthly phone bills (it hurts too much to discuss the amount we pay). But, it can also be very annoying having to constantly check your data usage throughout the month and being on edge each time you use data, as you want to savour it while you can. Follow our tips and tricks to reduce your iPhone data usage and never find yourself in such a predicament again. 


Determine what chews up the most data

The first step that needs to be undertaken is to determine what is using the most amount of data and whether the amount of data consumed if really necessary. To do so, go into Settings > Mobile (or cellular data) > scroll down to the bottom where you will see your list of apps with the amount of data each of them consume. Now it is time to analyse these stats. Which apps use the most amount of data? Are these apps important to you? Do you have WiFi at home? If so, can you turn off the data for these apps so that they can only be utilised when at home / when connected to WiFi? Often a lot of apps will use data when you aren’t actually using the app. A good way to eliminate this is by switching them off within the platform which will only allow the app to work when connected to WiFi. Apps to watch out for include Facetime, iCloud drive and iTunes. The best way to gage the performance each month is to reset the statistics. To do so, just scroll down to the very bottom and click ‘Reset Statistics’. The apps will go back into alphabetical order and will start to track the usage requirements throughout the month.


WiFi Assist

iPhones have a feature (known as WiFi Assist) which suspects when there is a low quality wifi reception and will automatically switch off onto the mobile network. Turn this function off if you are wanting to reduce your data consumption. To do so, head back into Settings > Mobile > Scroll down to the bottom and turn off the wifi assist function.


Autoplay on Videos

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have a function which loads and plays videos automatically when scrolling through the feed, which as a result chews up your data as you may be loading and playing videos that aren’t actually of interest to you. 


Facebook – Open Facebook and click on account settings > videos and photos > video settings > auto-play and then select ‘on wifi connections only’ OR select ‘never auto-plays videos’. 

Twitter – In Twitter, select your profile image > settings > privacy > data usage > change ‘video autoplay’ to ‘only on wifi’.

Instagram – Select the gear icon > mobile data use > choose the ‘use less data’ option. 


Stop Fetching Mail

Did you know that your mail account constantly uses data to refresh and download emails throughout the day? In order to reduce data usage, all you will need to do is change the settings so that each time you open up the mail app, it will refresh manually. To do so, follow these steps: settings > mail, contacts, calendars > fetch new data > If ‘Push’ is turned on, turn it off. Then to ensure that the data will be fetched manually, scroll down to the bottom and select ‘manually’ for each email account. Not only will this tip reduce your data consumption, it will also assist in preserving your phone battery life. 


Stop Background Refresh

Just like your emails can refresh automatically, so can your apps in the background, automatically updating to save you the hassle. Whilst this can be a time saver for you, it can chew up a reasonable amount of data which is what you are wanting to avoid. To turn this function off, go to settings > general >  background app refresh and select ‘background app refresh’ > choose wifi (rather than wifi & mobile data). 


Download ‘Chrome’ 

Do you do a lot of internet browsing? If you are trying to reduce your data, avoid using safari and use google’s chrome instead (download it via the app store, using wifi of course!). The chrome app has a reduced data feature which will reduce the size of websites, compressing the data on the site, minimising the amount of data that you need to use to load the page.


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